About US

D´Amazonia was born through the Amazon people who emigrated to Europe and after a some years they saw the opportunity to distributed products from Amazon on the world market. The business of D´Amazonia is like ´One Stop Shop´ format, enabling resellers to purchase any product from Amazon through a single vendor. The operation of the D´Amazonia began through distribution of biojewels, but soon the portfolio will be expanded to other products such as fragrances, açaí, marajoara crafts and various other products.

In diverse colors shapes and sizes, the seeds found in the Sementes do Rio catalog are picked by extractivists in a sustainable way, then cleaned, drilled, dried and polished, sometimes one by one. After that, they are finally transformed into wonderful, living bracelets necklaces and earrings by a small group of 14 artisans that live in the surroundings of the largest city hosted by the forest: Belém.

Though shy, daring simple, the intention of the catalog was to create a synergy where "creations meet creators", using some of the artisans as models in an enviornment totally familiar to them, in the public parks of Belém and in their homes, where pieces of art are produced while breastfeeding the new born baby, or among the children who seek attention from its artisan mother. Among the pieces, a common element: the açaí seed. Originated from the "crying palm tree", the açaí has been consumed in the Amazon for centuries and is considered a staple food by the indigenous and riverine populations of the Amazon due to its High nutri- tion values. In the Sementes do Rio Catalog, the açaí is the star, shining in natural tones, polished, naturally dyed, bringing beauty to those who are covered by it.

We hope you can enjoy the next pages, and participate with us of this joy to work in the Amazon